two weeks down or a third of the way

Morning everyone,

Even that sounds strange it being a morning on a Saturday and I am not in bed! I’ve been to the fitness academy and completed three sessions this week so am on track. When I think back the exercise has been hard, I’ve seen improvements, but today wasn’t great, but a cold is still slowing me down.

From a food plan point of view, stayed on track, only think missing is the eggs, but meh. I’ve made way through the plan with no cheating, and the only time, I’ve added extra was one night when really hungry added 4 mushrooms raw! So in honesty on track.

Do I feel better? Well no as i’ve got a cold! but i am more flexable, able to move better, and have been less warm at work. I’ve been able to get into press – up position and do exercises which is pleasing.

Right time for breakfast….