Last week/next week

Last week/next week

Its Saturday again and I find myself watching the 6 nations and letting the weekend pass me by. Loads of stuff to do, but no will to do it.



I look back to last week, and try to work out what I achieved. What does spring to mind, was “my fault” was used a few times, both rightly and wrongly. It’s sometimes disappointing to pick up the grief but not the reward when you step up. We forget sometimes people don’t step up, so if you risk it, then atleast I think we should support people and accept that sometimes things may go wrong. Sadly, business need often then is rolled out as a reason for all.


I also discovered late in the week an issue with a tooth, a big bugger at the back upper left as i see it. I suspect its one of the many where root canal was done and filled. I only spotted it, due to a sharp edge rubbing against my tongue.  Thankfully, so far, no pain, so booked in with the dentist but sadly appointment is 24th of the month, so quite a way to go. Lets hope the pain stays away.





Hmm, not the right image really as suggests walking into the sunset but its not really. I’ve been tracking steps and sleep with  a fitbug i got in the sale. However, its simplicity is the biggest issue. One LED doesnt always explain whats its doing, so sometimes, I am asleep when I am awake and vice versa. Because of this, I’ve upgraded to the fitbit charge, which has a display and has a little more functionality. An offer code for Argos helped reduce the cost of the item down.


Tracking of walking/exercise, goes hand in hand with tracking food. For a little while, I’ve been considering a boot camp but it comes with an eating plan. Lots of protein little carbs sums it up. However, most of the lean stuff chicken and fish are things i really struggle with. As such, I’ve faced some fears this past week with a baked cod dish – foil parcel, salt pepper and chilli peppers and was very nice. I’ve gone as far as buying more fish this week. Chicken still presents an issue, but did manage turkey the other day.




Next up, sort out what I plan to do with boot camp and if going to do it…





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