Data, I love Data, its infroms, it educates, it distracts…

Data, I love Data, its infroms, it educates, it distracts…

So a Fitbit charge has been with me for almost a week now, and its made lots of data…

Fitbit Dashboard


SO this is what today looks like along with a summary of the week so far. We’ve got steps (the main point of it!) ¬†Exercise summary which is a link to Endomondo on the phone, sleeping time, and calories burned. You can see active minutes (a walk to hair dressers and back) ¬†and its showing 8 flights of stairs so far. A A bit of a summary for the week, and not enough water drank! I’ve blurred the weight bar, is it was a guess, and will check out the weight this week when i scare myself.


So what is the data telling me? Well i can do the 10000 steps minimum when i try and walking at work at lunch is a necessary 15/20 minute task to add 2000 or 3000 steps. The busy night was touch rugby and an extra 2 miles covered (just about) in the 45 minutes of active time.

Is the data helping? well yes , it made me walk all week, and today it made me walk to hair cut and back adding 2 miles so success all round.

I am also enjoying the challenges you can do V friends having won the work out weekly, but assuming I shall fail the weekend one, as Chris went to gym and Gareth went for a hotdog at ikea.

All this data is making me tired, so now ? rest….

Exercise Sport
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