A mostly domesticated day

A mostly domesticated day

Hi All,


So today , I’ve spent quite a while doing house work, and its been the main focus. Sadly there is even more to-do tomorrow but there is an end goal. Additionally, before 12th night, it will be time to remove the christmas stuff, and pack it all away again. It hardly seems worth it for such a short period, but hey ho.

More than an hours worth of ironing was a real low point I tell you, and yup there is even more to do.


Newcastle_falcons_badgeThere was somewhat a distraction this evening, with the mighty newcastle falcons taking on the top of the table Northampton Saints. Going into the game, and given the weaker names on the team sheet, I was expecting nothing. Added to the fact it was a TV game it had disaster written all over it.

But, loosing bonus point and almost 2 loosing bonus points was the reward for a great result. A defeat mind you , but the manner of it was great. The most pleasing part was the commentary team giving credit to the team and reflecting on how far they’ve come long the journey.



I’ve also changed the bed linen today and thats alwas great and helps me to sleep. I’ve also rotated the matress which is the only option with memory foam. I went the full hog and cleaned the matress cover which was a pain in the hoop, as it had a big zip and took for ever to put it back on.

I am cheating mind you now, I should be asleep but i am typing this from my bed.


I am looking forward to January and a day out on the gin with a few people. Should be fun, if not a littmartini_glass_figure_400_clr_7486le expensive. Hopefully I wont end up in the glass, but hey if there is a glass big enough to cope I will give it a go.



Cheers steve

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