Too busy to think…

Too busy to think…


figure_sitting_reading_out_loud_400_clr_9167The chance the sit and read outloud would have been fun this week, but sadly it was one of those weeks where the were not enough minutes in the hour, hours in the day and the days in the week.  Covering my own work load, and then parts of the bosses job has been tough, but that should resolve it self shortly.

The image i suppose could also reflect the need of a diary or a to do list both of which have been used extensively. For todo and tracking I use something called toggl which is an online service which gives some reports.

Just one work item to complete and thats next weeks schedule. Otherwise, not playing.




Ive been pondering a replacement phone for a while, and finally a plunge has been taken. Its an LG G3 which is current but not cutting edge, and comes along with “all you can eat” data and texts and 600 minutes. In fairness, i suspect its overkill, but Three provided the cheapest overall cost. Vodafone was a close second, but price is kind here.





Last up is some ghost busting, or more precisely  a bit of cleaning needs done and has needed to be done for a while. I may need to get up of my arse and do more.

Sadly, netflix is currently stopping me as i watch something called “the tomorrow people”






Lastly worth a reminder to you all, hot food and drink can burn and leave you with a sore throat!


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