So back to work then….

So back to work then….

Where did I leave my checklist? Well I am not quite that anal about things but I’ve had to do some bits and pieces in advance.

email_envelope_400_clr_7126I’ve sent out a few emails, letting the new guys know the rough plan for the week. I’ve emailed the new people supporting the new guys so the know what the rough plan is too. I will however, have to drag oneself in early tomorrow to make sure that I’ve got some kind of workable schedule. I probably should have done that before now, but there is nothing really spoiling I dont think. One email to the boss too incase there is an issue, there might not be, but an FYI was justified I think.



There was a hair cut the other day, so that sharpened the top of my head but I’ve been dabbling away with experiments in facial hair, and it might stick with me for a little bit longer. The grey is coming in mind you so in due course that may well have to change! But its done.


Irunning_on_treadmill_400_clr_1968 was thinking about what to do with the gym as it is £34 a month, and to see what I can do to minimise that. There is somewhere more local and its £18 a month, so a switch could be on the cards. I might go and try a free session first to get it out of the way to see what it is like. Opens early in the morning and through to 9pm so its not too bad. I shall reflect a little first before I make the final decision.


lp_record_label_custom_16174I am on top of my bed as I write this (you didn’t need to know that really but it adds context!) and spotify is currently offering up : Radical Reinterpretations which is awesome, lots of good stuff played differently. I am listening to No One which i think is by the Keys lady played by the Vitamin string quartet.


Ands thats your lot I think, its bed time from me and an early start, so wish me luck.



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