Just where did the weekend go?

Just where did the weekend go?

It comes around every week, but never seems to stick around, yup the weekend. Friday evening was taken care of via a Falcons game.  They played against Stade Francais in the lower league european challenge cup or something.

Before the game we visited Gosforth’s hidden gem, the Northumberland Piper. Good menu and well priced, and the best bit, real home made chips. The mexican burger, well burger was great, the mexican bit didnt add much in fairness. Ice cream for afters saw me done.

The rugby was ok, but well cold.

Early start on Saturday sent me back to work for a day of recruitment. Thanks to @jinkstevens for breakfast and just about a full day saw us recruit 5 i think, so worth going in.

Sunday was an easier day, but still managed to go out for a wander over to Dalton Park then into Seaham. A little more xmas prep done.

Now? BTSport and Leciester v Toulon to see the might away.



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