Happy new year and the lag coefficient…

Happy new year and the lag coefficient…

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to write this post for ages, but I keep getting distracted.  I blame the Gin…


I read a piece about the best gin, and apparently it is Mango and black pepper. So its new year, so why not try it – so I did. The mango was great it seemed to make the drink smoother. Round 2 included the black pepper, and in fairness that didn’t work for me. I’ve gone back to type now, and its Gin, Tonic with Lemon and Lime.

As its new year, I shall move to something different soon, but I don’t know what.


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So I’ve been writing on and off for a year now, with much more activity early in the year, with it tappering off as I forgot to write, but it got better, later on. I find my self asking, why am I writing? In honesty not sure but it give me a chance to communicate to the outside world, with almost certain knowledge no one else see’s this which is great. I can whinge, moan, or bitch as needed. But in fairness, I don’t think I’ve been too bad this year. Outside of this blog, I also blog for the rugby team I follow and represent a whole stand. That picks up many random reads and followers.


Today’s post whilst retrospective at the start was meant to be a general wish of happy new year to you all, and this is may chance to say that.

Happy New Year and all the best to you and yours

Its temping to think about whats going to change and how will it be better, but i am sure we’ve all been there at times of making resolutions, perhaps its time, to think bigger.


This leads nicely on to the lag coefficient, which I think its about 4 – so let me explain. In the past I’ve made news years resolutions, be fitter, weigh less, go to Australia, buy a house… and invariably it doesn’t happen. Or not….. its become apparent I seem to work on a lag or delay, and I say will do it, but it takes a few years to catch up with me, so three or fours years ago? I  think that was find someone to love and get fitter not fatter. This year? I am not going on record, as it will be a surprise for a few years time.

Update, this was posted to facebook and sums it up well:



And where would we be without music….


And is now the tradition, there should be fireworks, so here goes….



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