In the unlikely event of a fire alarm…..

storm_siren_anim_150_clr_14860Well it had to happen sooner or later, but as part of the recruitment pre-amble we have a line around ” in the unlikely event of a fire alarm we will ensure you leave the building or if you are being interviewed the interviewer will take care of you” At no point did I ever think we would need it, but today we did.

I can only hope the people enjoyed their five minutes fresh air!


I’ve been away for a bit, not lazy, just away….

blog_mouse_pc_400_clr_2729As often occurs with me, I manage half a year, then give up, but that’s not quite the case this time. My attention has been elsewhere with a small side project (which is also now defunct ) and a big one still in place ( The latter covers following the Falcons and uses a twitter handle of @northstandkp to build content and followers. I am genuinely surprised by traction its gained, but its been fun posting on match days and writing the odd preview and review.

But in fairness, that’s not the only reason for not posting, I’ve lost my way a little, in all facets of life if i am honest. Any semblance of behaviour in sport/fitness/food has left the building, the work life balance screwed, a poor tinder experience put me off… so its a tale of woe.

Its taken a while to even attempt to get out of that. The good news/bad news, is that just one bit of work to do next, and then off the the gym/sauna I go.  I will keep kit in the car, so i can go and do that. Don’t worry its not xmas/new year related, just seen a change on the horizon, and I am going to move my self.

Once the gym is working and I am behaving better, I am going to redo C25K  having faltered at week 3 last time. This time can i get to the end???

Enough for now, but I will endeavour to write more!