A funny old week….

survivor_resting_on_buoy_300_clr_8546I think the phrase is thats its been a funny old week, but sadly anything but funny. Something, or a combination of things is annoying me and getting to me, and normally, i would let that build, and eventually work to resolve. But this time, stopped early , but not got to the root of my boggle.

This then has confused me, and my tiny mind as I am not sure what i need to fix, or who i need to fix. I am sure it will rumble on for a bit. New person and new plan for next week so will have to wait and see how that develops.

WP_20130916_006Tomorrow then see’s a trip to Tynemouth for beers and food. The usual crew, is somewhat weakened by sickness and other commitments, but looking forward to it. Might need an early night to survive.


Tonight is brought to you by Kebab, my sofa, and beer, free beer at that.