A funny old week….

survivor_resting_on_buoy_300_clr_8546I think the phrase is thats its been a funny old week, but sadly anything but funny. Something, or a combination of things is annoying me and getting to me, and normally, i would let that build, and eventually work to resolve. But this time, stopped early , but not got to the root of my boggle.

This then has confused me, and my tiny mind as I am not sure what i need to fix, or who i need to fix. I am sure it will rumble on for a bit. New person and new plan for next week so will have to wait and see how that develops.

WP_20130916_006Tomorrow then see’s a trip to Tynemouth for beers and food. The usual crew, is somewhat weakened by sickness and other commitments, but looking forward to it. Might need an early night to survive.


Tonight is brought to you by Kebab, my sofa, and beer, free beer at that.



Rain Rain Go Away, Don’t Come Back Another Day…..

stick_figure_under_umbrella_anim_150_clr_6854I think I’ve had enough of the damp rainy days now, and we need some sunshine. It will also upset the Touch rugby tomorrow as the ground is likely to be more than a little soft….. and claggy……. and sticky so that I end up taking half the field home with me.

I think I might need some sunshine….


Recruitment , recruitment and more recruitment….

running_exhaustion_anim_500_clr_11833For what almost seems a life time now, we’ve been working on a recruitment campaign (or 7) its slowly coming to the end, but the work continues. It has been a nice distraction from the day job, but a rest wouldn’t go a miss….

But, then we’ve got to move on and support all of these new people we have hired, but, err, never a dull moment.

Lastly, we are part of an awards ceremony this week, so wish us luck.



Another week begins….

survivor_resting_on_buoy_300_clr_8546Well Monday can mean just one thing, another week of work. The usual pattern continues, the day job, some recruitment, and some work with our training teams. I am currently working 1:1 with some one to help him move forward.

Today was also a divisional briefing covering some hot topics. Lets wait to see how that develops.



A Friday night at Kingston Park normally means one thing….. Rain

So premiership rugby returned to Kingston Park on Friday night and that can only mean one thing – it would rain, and indeed it did, for 3 hours solid. As a regular North stander (we’ve got roof, no toilets etc if you know the song)  I am used to putting up with whatever the weather throws at me.

I checked the forecast and it did in fairness look like a cold wet night, so I prepared as normal. Work clothes, extra layers, some water proofs, bases layers etc. I struggle with hats as they don’t tend to fit, and gloves, either too cold or too hot, or too thick so I cant drink (plastic glasses) and cant tweet.

During the summer at a visit to the Argos clearance shop I stumbled across these:


From the golf range, so water proof, warm enough not too bulky, so I bought a pair (helped by the fact £7)

Last night I tried them out, and the verdict?




I just dont get mittens, there are many problems…

  • Good luck scratching your nose
  • Good luck trying to tweet
  • Good luck picking up your pint
  • Good luck picking up anything
  • Good luck eating
  • Just good luck

I did manage to open a bottle of coke, but when closing it I trapped the mitten in the lid so atleast i didnt have to carry the bottle.  Despite Mrs Rolf telling me mittens are awesome they are not.

The only thing that could have less appropriate would have been these…


I might try that for the next game……