So I am not wanting to get out of bed, I am just stuck here….

Morning, well afternoon all,

This post is brought to you from my bed, via Chromebook, an internet connection and I suspect more computing power than I can imagine.

Fair to say its been a difficult month so far in the work place, as resource demands way outstrip resource available, so either cut corners, or drop the ball, a fairly untenable position. But, I’m dealing the cards I’ve been dealt and bringing about the best results that I can, nothing more, nothing less.

earSince last post around ears, things have evened out, I wouldn’t say fixed, but are better. A move off the antibiotics has helped in all fairness since the chemistry in there must have been broken. I’ve been “drug” free for a week at the request of the doctor and I am back in the surgery next week to be prodded again.

I still think there is more to do , but will just have to to wait and see at this point for the final resolution.

Newcastle_falcons_badgeThis seasons renewal letter has been met by a level of apathy so i am on the fence. Its not just one years worth of rubbish/dross/sh**e or what ever you want to call it. I’ve had a season ticket now for 5 or 6 years and its the cumulative effect that is the issue. A price rise also doesnt help. I suppose in the grand scheme the per match price isnt bad, its just not worth it. The increase in parking cost is also fairly poor.

c25k_258x158Seems but a distant memory the wholee C25K but ii think its almost time to go back and revisit it now. I dropped off the radar due to a fairly long cold and spell of just feeling awful. Add the ear into the mix, and I’ve been knacked. Touch rugby has kicked in again and that with more walking has increased activity levels. I am still missing swimming mind you.


Well that’s enough writing for the moment it is now time to move, get out of bed, stretch and do something. The photo left, may give you an idea of the first task! Then its clean up in the kitchen, and lots of bleech I think…. but dinner first as it is after 1!



Thanks for reading this far if you have, good work. Oh and lastly, Tinder, whats that all about then 😉




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