tonights drink of choice…. Marstons English Pale Ale


Pale ale is a beer made by warm fermentation[1] using predominantly pale malt.

The higher proportion of pale malts results in a lighter colour.[2][3] The term “pale ale” first appeared around 1703 for beers made from malts dried with coke, which resulted in a lighter colour than other beers popular at that time. Different brewing practices and hop levels have resulted in a range of taste and strength within the pale ale family.[4]


 3.6% ale, with notes ofZing, Pow & Phwoar

The taste of EPA is unique. Zing from the citrusy hops we use. Pow from its fuller flavour. Phwoar from the crisp finish that leaves you ready for more. It’s a refreshing, lighter blonde ale with a 3.6 ABV.

Pale ales were the height of fashion in the Victorian era, they were seen in watering holes the length and breadth of the country and were liked by everyone. Unlike earlier darker beers, the delicious, clear and golden style of English Pale Ale is what people went mad for…


just thinking…

Pork pie

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Pork pie
Meat pie
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Alternative name(s):
Porkie pie, Porkie
Serving temperature:
Main ingredient(s):
Porkpork jellyhot water crust pastry
Gala pie, Growler
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pork pie is a traditional British meat pie. It consists of roughly chopped pork and pork jelly sealed in a hot water crust pastry.[1] It is normally eaten cold as a snack or as part of a meal

No reward for loyalty, so I am off, bye VM hello Sky



So, I’ve been with VM for 4 years now, and following many prices rises over the years the price has increased year on year. As ever, new customers get the best deals,  and as an existing customer, you drop of a deal and they hope you will accept it.  Previously, I’ve been on a loyalty discount which was trigged by a change = upgrade to service  but it also lowered the bill.

AS its the new year, checking over finances, i notice the discount drops off in February so i give them a call to see what happens next.  I am told it will drop off but lets see what we can do. I am warned that I wont get the same level of discount, which i can understand, but I made it clear cost is the driver for my call. The best option is a discount but at a lower rate so an  increase in costs.

So I look elsewhere and hello Sky. From a package point of view its similar but not identical, I loose BT sport, gain fatser broadband, so a little of swings and roundabouts.  I also manage a referal discount, so that skews it towards sky. The upshot is a saving of £11 for the first 6 months and then a £3 saving for remainder, and its just a 12 month contract.

To ask Sky, i ring VM again to say I am off and had a similar conversation and again told price will go up. I decide I am off as there is no scope. I’ve signed up with Sky, a longer phone call than i wanted but its all done. 2 engineers needed a sky one and BT one, but i will cope.

Today, a call from VM, not arranged, but also not expected. Started badly, as I didnt want to cough up personal details, until it was them, didnt want to be in a pishing thing. Long story short, they offered continuation at same price, or cheaper for 6 months then more expensive.

So I’ve declined, it might be nice to keep same services as it all works, but in fairness, its more the issue of i called twice to see whats happening and they couldn’t or were not allowed to help – so where is the reward for loyalty? The systems let them down in the this case.

Off to Sky i go, and i am aware grass isnt always greener on the otherside, but its a 12 month contract, so lets see how it goes.





so the chromebook became unwell before christmas, and has been away…


So you may recall i said nice things about the chromebook, lightweight, quick, easy and good battery life. It did most things I wanted and rarely was it troubled. And then Blue, blue was the colour, everything went blue.

I tried to speak to the retailer Tesco in this example, who decline my right of return, as 3 months is too long. I would suggest 3 months for a new electrical item is anything but, and they said they needed a chance to repair. Ok, but they dont repair items as the warranty/guarantee sits with Samsung so they say.  I’ve checked and in law we can ignore that, but they need a chance to remedy a fault. Which is fine, but they kept saying they dont repair stuff, and needed to go to Samsung. Circles were went around and in the end, I spoke to Samsung, who a) left me an abrupt voicemail and b) want photos of the problem, which they then couldnt open.

I also point out Samsung were sending emails to me from COUSTOMER support which, err, may be wrong. Repair agreed around christmas time, so working days only etc, which i can understand. Its a computerised process and this is where it went a let wrong. I got a text to say repair people would be intouch to arrange collection. From this i expected a call/email/letter or something to let me know the plan and when to collect. What acutally happens is a text from DPD telling you a parcel is coming. No context no nothing. As it was christmas time, I assume it was an incoming parcel and not Samung/its agent, so the man arrived, and the Chrome book wasnt there. Arse.

I managed to rearrange the delivery, thanks to DPD who were really good.

I rang the repair agents to check it would be ok and was told it would be -phew.

Then a text saying the repair had been cancelled, so back on the phone to Samsung, who explained it was an issue and the courier had been cancelled and rpocess starts again with another two day wait. Alas the man at Samsung appeared to be making things up as the courier still came and collected, and the repair went ahead.

To be fair to repair agents, they apologised for cancelling in error, but a new order had to be raised, which meant another courier collection for an item already collected – oh the joys of automation. I managed to get them to cancel that collection! I recieved 3 further cancellation texts from Samsung, which I started to ignore.

DPD tracking let me see the item arrive at the repair agent, nd they turned it around very quickly. A new motherboard, I’ve learned, so a bluescreen = broken broken. Item returned via DPD. However, another text message from SAmsung tells me the item has been delivered. I ring them to check, and it has been delivered that means its been delivered to the courier – top tip Samsung, make the text say that, rather than confusing the issue.


So its repaired, and working, as I type on it now! phew

Samsung score 2/10 for item breaking so soon

Samsung support score 1/10 – making stuff up is bad, sending emails from COUSTOMER is bad, the automated process not making sense is bad.

Repair agent – Digicare – thanks for fixing it 8/10 – only let down by cnacelling the order in error, but you did apologise and I thank you for that.

Tesco for being awful about a return/repair 0/10. If it breaks again, I shall be after money back and something different!


Thanks for reading this rant!

So another year older, and wiser?

birthday sign gif

 Click the image above!

So then another year older and wiser? Well not sure about the latter but the former is clearly true. In a change to normal procedure, i’ve taken the day off and am sitting here on the sofa, in my pants typing away and have done very little so far. I’ve even induldged in a little lie in and didn’t surface until lunch time.

In another change to form, am going to get dressed up to go out for afternoon high tea as we would normally just do takeaway for tea on such an occasion.

Well another year older? lets try something new.