Food banks, Gateshead foodbank and the trussell trust…

Food banks, Gateshead foodbank and the trussell trust…

gfbAs part of being a better person i attempt to do my share of good deeds. Sometimes its a donation of money, other times it donation of time and expertise.  Through work I’ve spent some time with the Gateshead food bank which is a local charity who collect food and make up emergency parcels that are given to people in distress and need who without it would go hungry. Its very much an emergency measure and you cant then rely on it, as there are many rules covering what, when and who can gain a food parcel.

Previously, with colleagues and friends from work we’ve done warehousing and general tidy up duty bringing a little organisation to the warehouse. As its grown, we;ve helped them move to a new warehouse, and built more shelving then I’ve ever seen before, and it all goes to a good cause.

Additionally, i’ve been to a charity celidh and danced about a bit and had good gun!

This weekend sees Tesco’s neighbour food collection through which you can donate and Tesco add a 3rd more to your donation. I’ve been shopping and added to the collection. Here, I used club card vouchers, so in the end it was a zero cost donation plus an extra third! not a bad idea. You can learn more here

So I feel like i’ve done my bit, but it did make me think in todays modern society how we’ve ended up in the situation where the service is needed. Has state aid or social care given up? Is it austerity measures gone mad? Or has this kind of thing always happened. There is a lot of news stories out there showing the need eg or here or here . A lot of the stories are all saying there is a disconnect with government, and perhaps there is as they dont see whats going on at ground level.

I’ve drifted onto another subject, but to wrap up, I am glad I am able to do something  to help others in need, and encourage you all to think about the cause, or any cause you support and continue to help out where you can.

you never know when you, yourself may need assistance…



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