So that was christmas, and look what you’ve done….

So that was christmas, and look what you’ve done….


Hello everyone,

Another Christmas passes us by and it of course makes me a little reflective looking back at was has been and then looking forward to what is yet to come. The biggest thing to strike me this year is the amount of effort and expense that goes into a single day. Its njot just the gifts, its everything else from food to drink, cards to wrapping paper, nights out etc etc.


It all seems in the cold light of day, a bit much! Now i might not seem to be full of christmas spirit and the true is this year i probably am not. A difficult end to the working year, then some problems along the way, including the inevitable winter cold has left me feeling more than a little bah humbug. Add to that a gas leak which looked like it was going to mean a big switch up to christmas different house etc, then it all got a bit meh!

Christmas day it self was fine, with cooking as the focus and taxis service, all of which i dont mind. But then its all over, just like that. So much prep and effort…

Yeah clearly bah humbug has set in. Next up is new year, and to be honest i dont get it, I really dont. People expect to have such a brilliant time but more often than not its a damp squib or overpriced, cant get a taxis, the list goes on and on. So for this I just opt out and give up its less pain!

Right enough of this miserableness, time to go do more laundry!



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