Week 1 Run 3 – mission complete

c25k_258x158So i’ve made it to the end of week 1, 3 runs done, in awful cold weather, bad light, and tiredness. But the most impressive thing for me, is that I made it off the sofa and thats a really good stepping stone.

Saturday morning was by far the hardest for a couple of reasons. The first being it was saturday morning! and the second was i went out too fast, and i knew it by the end of the first interval. So lesson learned there i think. I also had some trouble with feet and footwear and the orthotics. So I am going back for a reassessment.

Well with out further ado, the disappointing stats….

So next up is week 2, which sees more running and less walking. Still interval based but an extra 5 minutes of running three times during the week.

Wish me luck… i may yet need it.