Its been a while, be welcome back android

Its been a while, be welcome back android

droidevolWell i tried, i really did. Win Phone 8 was great as a phone and the integration to Exchange and Calendar was great, but once past that it came a little unstuck around the edges. Too many times click a link and nope, you are using IE6 so no. It become frustrating.

So simple things seemed to be missing, like turn on/off voice mail. Redirect all or nothing. Network setup was required it just wasnt friendly. Photos good, but getting them off live was harder than it needed to be, and then the final straw.

“send text to bob” spinny thing and “i cant find that contact” more times than not a miss. Indeed, people knew when i was voice texting as the messages become so comical it was no longer funny.

motogSo, I’ve gone back to andriod, and you know what its a pleasure it just works. No doubt helped by the lack of clutter and customisation, its stock android and it just works. Its quick and easy and done everything I’ve asked of it. A Moto supplied app called Assist looks good, but is cut down for the MOto X so its not that great but you dont have to use it.

Paid £110 for the phone £60 back form recycling helped cushion the blow, and its worth every penny. If you are looking for an android, consider it!

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