the end of the week – yeeeeehaaaaa



Well I am glad to get to the end of the week, as its been busy and hard work! Its also meant some longer hours, and I do need to get better at that, and readjust the balanace as its a little off kilter.


So what did the week have in store? Well some new guys joined us for help out on the phones and thats the main reason for tiredness I suspect.  Its very easy to forget how hard the day job can be at times, when you are working out whats going on, who has done what, who said what, what they need, and then working out a solution. There has been a few challenges this week too, and thats tired out the overall picture. But, back to the class room, so off to another division I go to do stuff there! No rest…..

r-TSB-large570You may recall previous posts around a remortgage and thats now all complete and done, and a cash back payment has indeed landed. A few bumps a long the way which I will feedback on, as it probably could have been completed earlier. But hey….

The rest of the weekend? trip to bank to pay in cheque, then away for a little bit of shopping i think.



Sunday sees the start of the LV cup with the Falcons vs Irish,  I suspect its going to be cold…….

Lastly, I was trying on a kilt last night. No comment!


Tweets #scd

twitter_0A bit of amusement tonight on the twitter front with some colleagues… some quotes in isolation as the thread is all messed up but it says a lot, they should be clickable I think if you want to read more…


the end of the week that was….. not all that in honesty.

SDWell I am glad the week is over, and I cant hide from that. Its been hard recovering from a weekend away, and I know that means that I am getting/am old but wow its taken a while. Never, have I been in bed this early so often but hey it is infact making me feel better.

Some potted bits from the week:

  • Disappointing to have to say bye to someone this week, as their learning journey came to an end, and this always leads to reflection
  • Some new challenges with our new new people that need working through, but I don’t have all the info, I need to chase that
  • Good run-out on Thursday, until it started to rain from inside my jacket, that wasn’t pleasant!
  • APR completed and accepted which is pleasing, but my god how much effort?? and how can it be done smarter?
  • Need to rebalance the work life balance again
  • Finally got around to all that laundry, just ironing to go
  • Some good twitter conversations….
  • I am listening to Jimmy Somerville… who would have thought so many songs!
  • Virginmedia have apologised for my phone not working abroad and suggest its my fault for not speaking to them, i suggest its their fault as in my account online, it says its all ok, pack your bags and go….

Strange when i look back to the week a lot of it is a blur in all fairness.

Moving forward:

  • Ironing
  • New people Admin
  • Back to the day job
  • More gym time as its been sadly lacking
  • Spend no money.

I am sure there is more but…