the end of the week – yeeeeehaaaaa

the end of the week – yeeeeehaaaaa



Well I am glad to get to the end of the week, as its been busy and hard work! Its also meant some longer hours, and I do need to get better at that, and readjust the balanace as its a little off kilter.


So what did the week have in store? Well some new guys joined us for help out on the phones and thats the main reason for tiredness I suspect.  Its very easy to forget how hard the day job can be at times, when you are working out whats going on, who has done what, who said what, what they need, and then working out a solution. There has been a few challenges this week too, and thats tired out the overall picture. But, back to the class room, so off to another division I go to do stuff there! No rest…..

r-TSB-large570You may recall previous posts around a remortgage and thats now all complete and done, and a cash back payment has indeed landed. A few bumps a long the way which I will feedback on, as it probably could have been completed earlier. But hey….

The rest of the weekend? trip to bank to pay in cheque, then away for a little bit of shopping i think.



Sunday sees the start of the LV cup with the Falcons vs Irish,  I suspect its going to be cold…….

Lastly, I was trying on a kilt last night. No comment!


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