the end of the week that was….. not all that in honesty.

the end of the week that was….. not all that in honesty.

SDWell I am glad the week is over, and I cant hide from that. Its been hard recovering from a weekend away, and I know that means that I am getting/am old but wow its taken a while. Never, have I been in bed this early so often but hey it is infact making me feel better.

Some potted bits from the week:

  • Disappointing to have to say bye to someone this week, as their learning journey came to an end, and this always leads to reflection
  • Some new challenges with our new new people that need working through, but I don’t have all the info, I need to chase that
  • Good run-out on Thursday, until it started to rain from inside my jacket, that wasn’t pleasant!
  • APR completed and accepted which is pleasing, but my god how much effort?? and how can it be done smarter?
  • Need to rebalance the work life balance again
  • Finally got around to all that laundry, just ironing to go
  • Some good twitter conversations….
  • I am listening to Jimmy Somerville… who would have thought so many songs!
  • Virginmedia have apologised for my phone not working abroad and suggest its my fault for not speaking to them, i suggest its their fault as in my account online, it says its all ok, pack your bags and go….

Strange when i look back to the week a lot of it is a blur in all fairness.

Moving forward:

  • Ironing
  • New people Admin
  • Back to the day job
  • More gym time as its been sadly lacking
  • Spend no money.

I am sure there is more but…



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