Use your brain near a train….

Use your brain near a train….


metroWell the video starts by reminding you breathe the air and drink liquids which sets the tone nicely…for this awful bit of “public safety”video. Given all the modernisation work, and general gripes about lack of service standards, this may not be the right idea at the right time….But i am sure a social media genius believes it to be fine…


And the video…Oh Really?



I really cant believe they’ve done this…. and its been interesting to see some of the twitter based reactions.  It may not be going as well as they thought…

And this too….

 Now you might just be thinking Carl (never met the person) has a gripe but loads of others too….




It will be interesting to see what actually happens, there is some press reaction too:

And i am sure i could find more examples, but enough already….

And an update another video this time showing CCTV footage of people and Metro doors….



FrontPage Internets Rants Reaction
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