The death of the highstreet, some retailers not helping their own cause…

The death of the highstreet, some retailers not helping their own cause…

During the week we had visitors come see us at work, so I went out and bought a new shirt (which I then didn’t wear!). This mean a trip out to the Metrocentre and a visit to a couple of shops. Recently the catalogue shop Jacamo opened an outlet there selling mens under Jacamo brand and ladies items via the Simplybe brand.

I wandered about and select a shirt at £30 as there was nothing cheaper and no sale rail but hey ho, as needs must. As I wondered about the shop I found a coat which I liked the look of, and picked it up. I then promptly put it back down again as it was at the bargain price of £150. I liked it, but not that much. Having used the Jacamo website before you often get 10% off coupons and the like so I thought i would look on-line.

I did, and the item, was £110. So, just by going online a £40 saving. Now Jacamo is part of shopdirect as far as I know, and they have other such brands as Premierman and often the same item is available across both shops at much differing prices. So off i go, and indeed its there for £88. So a little, indeed very little has reduce the item from £150 to £88….

coatSo now i’ve got the item name and also got the item number I stick that into google, and it reveals some other brands owned by the group I dont recognise. Here, fashionworld,  which i think is aimed at ladies, but has mens clothing too. Again its priced at £88 but here is where it becomes fun. I am a new customer, so i get a further 20% off my first order. I create an account and use the same login email as i’ve done for jacamo and it transfers me back there and still applies the discount. Good work, so now after delivery and what not, the item is down to £69.

So you can buy retail for £150, or online for £69 from the same company. Which would you choose? Is it any wonder the highstreet is almost dead. Now you could say support your shopping centre etc, but ultimately the money is going to the same company, and if the price was in the same ball park or even a little more, this cancels out the wait and i carry the item home i would have paid a little more, but a saving of around £80 it becomes a no brainer does it not?



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