Another busy Thursday…

Another busy Thursday…

steedentouchAnother busy week this Thursday at touch rugby. Just short of the magic 20 until same late comers pushed us over the edge so we managed some 5 v5 for a bit. Nice to see a couple of new people come along inculding some durham university students. We’ve offered to pass their details around to help them build a club there. Additionally they asked about referees courses and its always good to get more people interested in tat.


At work been busy with some APR work needing done along with a chat with the boss to review the year. Its always hard to talk about how its gone, and invariably comparing your self to others, even when it has nothing to do with that. A frustration includes being expected to do more, when we all have the same job, but i wouldnt not want to do the best i could..

Tomorrow we’ve got meet the new guys as we work with our new trainees, so must be there on time!

So that means bed…



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