Just sitting…doing nothing

SDAs the dull title suggests I am infact just sitting, sitting in my arm chair watching the btsport rugby tv show. There are many other things i could be doing, but i just dont have the energy to do anything.  I am still struggling to recover from the weekend away, and i suspect it will take until this week until i am back on it.

I suppose i can round out some of the loose edges to the posts before, so here goes:

  • new battery for the laptop seems ok. £12 on ebay for something from china which i half expect to explode! but its charged and working and lasting around 1hr 45 which is more than enough for what i need. Its given a new lease of life to the old machine.
  • the bag for holiday, the cabin max was a great success and something i will be using again. i even went as far to write a review on amazon
  • the remortage is going through and should complete next week
  • i’ve completed a shed load of work at work, and there seems no end..
  • still have a load of laundry to do, and at some point will get to it.

So thats an update on stuff already posted about, so whats next;

  • lots of christmas stuff done which is great
  • awaiting something from amazon under prime which should have been today1 tut tut
  • rugby again on thursday
  • opting out of halloween
  • movember is nearly upon us again
  • awaiting to hear from a complaint from virgin media for my non working mobile abroad.

I am guessing you may be bored by now, but well done for getting this far!