I wonder if i will be alive in the morning….

bathroomI did some cleaning in the bathroom, as you do, and I thought I would give it the full beans. So out came the steamer to make sure everything is nice and clean. Special attention around the window where there was some lovely green mould. Moving further behind the shower screens, there was some interesting red stuff, and not forgetting what ever made the grout go black.

It looks nice now, and smells clean – well of bleach.

But time will tell how much and/or how bad the growing stuff was. If i am not around in the morning, you know why!


Sunday Dinner….

LeCreuset2By the time I get to the weekend, whilst i should cook, I dont always cook. But today I am making an effort. In the oven as we speak, is a Pork and Beer casserole cooking away nicely in the Lc Crueset.

Normal veg, plus pork, plus Beer and a little stock – what could go wrong? I will let you know….

Whilst its in the oven for a while, I shall take the opportunity for the next few hours to to some cleaning, the bathroom is going to get it!