Le Creuset, my addiction, I just shouldn’t go into the shop….

So following on from the christening at the weekend, I went for a wander around the Royal Quays Outlet Shopping Centre. Usual outlet shopping with some pretty standard shops. But, there is a Le Creuset outlet, and its my downfall. Whenever i go in there, I never escape without buying something. Always useful, Always expensive.

I’ve been building up a collection over the years, and its all different colours, shapes and sizes but i do like it. This weeks bargain was a fruit bowl. Now indeed, i’ve wanted a fruit bowl for a while and its something i would use a lot as there is always fruit about the place.  So, in the clearance, a fruit bowl. Yeah!

Another new colour to add to the mix, but there was something that could my eye on the box.

Now its a small image but i think clicking on it should make it larger i hope, but you need to be looking at the right hand side where you see a lovely little thermometer. Check out the range!



Now i am not sure what they had planned ,but i cant ever imagine ever needing a fruit bowl that would work to such extremes, well indeed it just seems extreme! Ahhh yes that fruit looks warm lets plonk it in the freeze or indeed, no it looks cold lets bung it in the oven for half an hour. No?

I think not too.

I am sure someone out there will have an explanation for this, I just dont!