The week ahead

the-week-aheadRight then, sit rep, on the sofa having completed very little of what I should have done. I have however completed a small shed load of laundry but now need to iron it.

Monday – completing reviews and APR

Tuesday – prep training course, and check plan for Friday.

Wed – practice call

And cant remember more.

An annual review is due at some point and will complete that, and look  forward to the getting to know you session.

outside of work:

  • swimming
  • touch rugby
  • dance

Thats the main bits covered I think.

Day of rest…as if.

Well the weekend is nearly over already, but the list of things to do is as long as my arm. in the house, more cleaning and tidying (well start), need to finish the laundry (3 loads so far) and then iron it. I also need to sort out the kitchen which is just generic tidy up.

This afternoon, I am away to a christening, for baby George. i am sure this will be fun,m but it has caused a little issue so far, which then leads me nicely on to a small rant.

Right then, battery chargers, why cant they be a standard?

usbchargMobile phones have come along way and by and large they’ve gone to a small USb connection so any charger does, as does a connect to a PC. But, today i thought i would take a camera out with me. Easy. No.

i have a Sony alpha dslr, and it has a big battery from a camcorder and the charge is ok. but sometimes it a bit big so it needs small pocket camera for being out snapping. and here is the rub, none of them have the same charger. Todays problem, I cant find a matching charger to battery. All in all its a bit disappointing.

sonyalphaSo today is the DSLR and I will take the external flash to see how it goes! its birght , really bright, so that should wake up some kids.