Just sitting…doing nothing

SDAs the dull title suggests I am infact just sitting, sitting in my arm chair watching the btsport rugby tv show. There are many other things i could be doing, but i just dont have the energy to do anything.  I am still struggling to recover from the weekend away, and i suspect it will take until this week until i am back on it.

I suppose i can round out some of the loose edges to the posts before, so here goes:

  • new battery for the laptop seems ok. £12 on ebay for something from china which i half expect to explode! but its charged and working and lasting around 1hr 45 which is more than enough for what i need. Its given a new lease of life to the old machine.
  • the bag for holiday, the cabin max was a great success and something i will be using again. i even went as far to write a review on amazon
  • the remortage is going through and should complete next week
  • i’ve completed a shed load of work at work, and there seems no end..
  • still have a load of laundry to do, and at some point will get to it.

So thats an update on stuff already posted about, so whats next;

  • lots of christmas stuff done which is great
  • awaiting something from amazon under prime which should have been today1 tut tut
  • rugby again on thursday
  • opting out of halloween
  • movember is nearly upon us again
  • awaiting to hear from a complaint from virgin media for my non working mobile abroad.

I am guessing you may be bored by now, but well done for getting this far!

a a a a a eh eh eh eh

SDIts been a long day, busy doing nothing…. but a bit of recovery from a weekend away. some laundry done, and about to complete some work I need to do , before i run out of time… but nearly done.

I posted the following to facebook, but it makes me chuckle.

Saturdays karioke appeared to be ran from youtube, and inbetween songs the 2dj2 played there songs again and again and again….

If you want to relive it, then links below…


or if you just want to understand the title….

Use your brain near a train….


metroWell the video starts by reminding you breathe the air and drink liquids which sets the tone nicely…for this awful bit of “public safety”video. Given all the modernisation work, and general gripes about lack of service standards, this may not be the right idea at the right time….But i am sure a social media genius believes it to be fine…


And the video…Oh Really?



I really cant believe they’ve done this…. and its been interesting to see some of the twitter based reactions.  It may not be going as well as they thought…

And this too….

 Now you might just be thinking Carl (never met the person) has a gripe but loads of others too….




It will be interesting to see what actually happens, there is some press reaction too:


And i am sure i could find more examples, but enough already….

And an update another video this time showing CCTV footage of people and Metro doors….



Prep – getting ready…

prepI was preparing for a holiday and tidying up but as ever i’ve been distracted. I am quite good at that, why do it now, when i can do it later? Well some times later has a nasty habit of biting you on the bottom, so i’ve broken down the bigger tasks into smaller ones, and little by little I’m chipping away at it. The bathroom was a good step forward, now, spare room is next, ironing is done, just need to do bed next. Then hoover.

My own room to follow then some tidy up of the living room. I suspect I will run out of time, but hey ho and all that jazz.


I wonder if i will be alive in the morning….

bathroomI did some cleaning in the bathroom, as you do, and I thought I would give it the full beans. So out came the steamer to make sure everything is nice and clean. Special attention around the window where there was some lovely green mould. Moving further behind the shower screens, there was some interesting red stuff, and not forgetting what ever made the grout go black.

It looks nice now, and smells clean – well of bleach.

But time will tell how much and/or how bad the growing stuff was. If i am not around in the morning, you know why!


Sunday Dinner….

LeCreuset2By the time I get to the weekend, whilst i should cook, I dont always cook. But today I am making an effort. In the oven as we speak, is a Pork and Beer casserole cooking away nicely in the Lc Crueset.

Normal veg, plus pork, plus Beer and a little stock – what could go wrong? I will let you know….

Whilst its in the oven for a while, I shall take the opportunity for the next few hours to to some cleaning, the bathroom is going to get it!


Day in review….

SDA nice lazy start which was a good plan. A little football watching with Newcastle vs Liverpool. Then a trip out for some shopping as the parents wanted some odds and sodds. Return home for SCD and then some cleaning. Dinner and the Falcons on the radio and i am now typing this.

Tomorrow has lots to do, so i will get on with it!