Twice as blind as last year, and the problems of asking a question…

Twice as blind as last year, and the problems of asking a question…

My eyes have been playing up for a while, I’ve been finding it more difficult to focus on stuff, and if i stop concentrating stuff just softens and gains an artistic soft focus. Its been bothering me for a short while, and i think been made more noticeable with a move to a new office, different lightening and even more computer work to do.

SO with all of that in mind I wandered off to my local friendly Asda and visited the optical department (2 for £99 is the headline) and it did me ok last year. The usual tests done, look into a machine some beeps and whizzes and then the dreaded puffs of air. Now its not painful, it shouldnt bother me but it does, a lot. Its more the anticipation of it. Apparently the machine was also befuddled by my long eyelashes too apparently.

The main event then, read the lines etc, and it became apparent yup things worse, some letters I couldn’t work out, and some times, letters changing as i tried to read them. The G became a D before finally becoming and O – at this point it dawns on me new glasses then.

So a prescription duly written out and this is where it goes a little astray, I asked for an explanation. I do believe in, not sure ask, its just easier that way and if its your health its really better not to hide but ask. I’ve seen the prescription but not bothered to ask, but twice as bad this time i thought I would and yeah, to be fair I still don’t really understand.  I got the bit about one eye is a football and another is a rugby ball, but then it went technical.

Now i don’t mind technical if we’ve got a common frame of reference, but if you go all optical on me then pass. So I got some kind of explanation that passed about 4 ft over my head.  I can hear you laughing now going, idiot, ask for clarity but by this point i was done. I’ve read about it since so i get the idea now, thanks google. But, it made me think, its often hard to hit the right level of explanation and the right language, and today didnt work. Its made me think about my own job, and my approach, and clarity is now my new watch word. And with new glasses, I should have that clarity to see!

For the sake of clarity i should add, i may be twice as bad as before, but dont forget twice not a lot is still not a lot, so its a +2 for one eye and +1 for the other, fairly simple stuff.

I look forward to the new glasses, and better still claiming for the cost back from a health care policy.




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