The end of the holiday week, so a week in review..

The end of the holiday week, so a week in review..

Well my holiday is coming to a end and just the weekend to go…. and looking back over the week its been busier than i might have imagined…

The week started with our planned Bingo and drink day out which was fun, a follow up day in the bank was worth attending as I look to make savings by re mortgaging. This lead to a valuation on the property which in turn lead to some general outside maintenance. From this i took the parents out to lunch as a thank you before a final rest!

Valuation is back and its good to go, and today went for a walk at lunch and met some colleagues for lunch. Tonight some BTsports rugby and now a film called contraband.

Tomorrow, I could do with a snore, but said i would go visit my sister.

Phew, not quite the quiet holiday week.



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