I recently went mad and decided to buy a Chromebook and i am writing this post from it. In fairness, its taken over as my primary device at home with the larger laptop put to one side. I still use a tablet from time to time along with a mobile phone. But, despite some concerns the chromebook does all that i need it to do.

I bought at the value end, so read that as cheap, the basic Samsung model. I could have gone even cheaper and tried an Acer and a HP, but the HP had the worlds worst keyboard and i couldnt type at all.

My biggest issue, is how short boot up us, i find myself waiting to use it and its all ready to go, time is wasted !

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Its rare to use the same provider for a number of years but never had an issue, so never needed to move. Check out if you need some hosting. I’ve got a few sites online with them and never really had a problem. The very occasional bit of down time but i can count that on one hand in all fairness.

No reason request seems to be refused, and they even answer the phone if you call. Big Smile

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Hello world!

Welcome to or a simple wordpress site…

NO great plans at this point, its just a play thing, something to do, something to try.

Configuration is done, I think, but its fair to say there are many options!

Enjoy your wander about, even if i suspect there isn’t much for you to do at the moment.