Day 2 back at work complete, tired really, really tired….

So the holiday feels like a distant memory now with two whole days back in the office. We’ve been helping out by speaking to customers to smooth the load as its been busy for this month end. Its nice to be back at the coal face so to speak to check that knowledge is uptodate and that customers are asking similar questions. Its also fair to say that time has been broken up a lot with different tasks and doing some project work, but it all needs done. There has been some positive feedback but a few bits still to change/fix/amend. The boss is back tomorrow so no doubt some more changes 😉

The next two days seems a return to the class room as I learn all about WFM or scheduling via veraint something or other. It should be interesting, but time will tell.

Busy tail end of the week planned, with a touch rugby event on friday evening. Been for a swim tonight to loosen off a tight thigh following too much dancing on Saturday.

Late now time for bed.




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