Bingo, its not like it sounds…

Bingo, its not like it sounds…

I know now, I’ve mentioned bingo a few times so it sounds like a hobby, its honestly not. Often its a way of making money, gambling i hear you cry, you will never make money, and in fairness, not from the bingo…. Its all about the cashback. For example recently i played Iceland Bingo – deposit £10 and play with £30 as there was a bonus added. (still costs me just £10) then quidco will pay me £15, so i finish up £5 up from the deal, or 50%. Now its not quick and you wait etc, but its never let me down!


Additionally, there was/is a promo where they send you a free £5 Iceland shop voucher, so i also benefit from that…. what have you got to loose ?

I love Quidco

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