twitter experiment ;-)

I was playing on Twitter and thought some of the widgets are clever, if this works of course….


Falcons defeated, my prediction was a win by 3….

Sunday afternoon rugby turned to disappointment following a great start with an early try to the mighty Falcons. We had it under control and then boom the self destruction button was deployed. We could have/should have closed out the game but some poor decision making and no luck let us down. Mr Small the referee didn’t have a consistent game and that lead to frustrations and home defeat, when we should have won.


Onwards we go to the next game of the season.



Twice as blind as last year, and the problems of asking a question…

My eyes have been playing up for a while, I’ve been finding it more difficult to focus on stuff, and if i stop concentrating stuff just softens and gains an artistic soft focus. Its been bothering me for a short while, and i think been made more noticeable with a move to a new office, different lightening and even more computer work to do. Continue reading

Biggest game for a while, and competition coming up…

Well the regular Thursday night picked up some speed today with an increase in number of the rugby league players. They all have the annoying habit of being young and quick! This doesn’t work well for some like me – fat, old and slow! In all fairness, though it was good fun, and i did enjoy it, but suspect I may hurt a little in the morning.

This leads then onto the next issue, we’ve got a competition, all be it social on Friday evening. So, straight from work, I’ll get my self across to Percy Park for a mixed social event. I shall no doubt referee a bit, and loo forward to the aches and pains that will no doubt entail.

Late now, so night all.


Day 2 back at work complete, tired really, really tired….

So the holiday feels like a distant memory now with two whole days back in the office. We’ve been helping out by speaking to customers to smooth the load as its been busy for this month end. Its nice to be back at the coal face so to speak to check that knowledge is uptodate and that customers are asking similar questions Continue reading